Women Gathering at the Spring Equinox: Balance
Sunday, March 19 2017
Chez Vicki, Aboyne

  • Ask yourself the following: How can our inner feminine balance and guide the outer chaos and what do you need to come into alignement with that inner strength.
  • Meditate on this at a sacred site
  • Share your piece of wisdom and discuss with equally beautiful like-minded women over  a healthful lunch

NB – choose option 3 £30 since this is a full half day plus lunch

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If you can’t join us here gather your own woman folks and do something similar and whatever sex you are, give yourself the love you need – you deserve it and the world will be a better place full of beings who love and adore themselves, then we can truly spread the love.

For some of my earlier thoughts and personal experience on this subject –

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Kindred Spirits have been gathering in my home on Deeside for over 20 years now – you can feel the vibe!