Some people learn self-hypnosis quickly and others take more time. How quickly or slowly you learn has little to do with how effective it will be for you once you have mastered it. Self-hypnosis is a skill, like any other skill it requires practice, the more you practice the better you become.

So before we even begin remember practice makes perfect 🙂

Step one – find the time and space, somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed.

How Long Should I Practise?  

The question of how much time is not nearly as important as the quality of time that you spend in trance. In the early stages of practise you may wish to specify a time, say 10 minutes, then later on simply trust yourself and relax into it. The important thing is to make a resolve to practice and then stick with it. Some students find it helps to tick the days off in the calendar. I like to practice first thing every morning before I begin anything else.

Where should I Practise?  

For some people this issue will not arise, they will be able to practise anywhere, same as some people can fall asleep anywhere. However, most people will want to find a nice, private, peaceful place, say a comfortable armchair in a quiet room or even on the spare bed. When one gets better and more comfortable with the process, it is possible to practise anywhere; the most important aspect of this place is that it should feel as comfortable, safe and as free from interruptions as possible. It can help to use the same time and space every time when you first start out.    

Step two – find a method that suits you, e.g. relax your body and your breathing, starting with your head and relaxing your body all the way down to your feet. This is a method of progressive relaxation and one of the easiest ways to get into self-hypnosis  

Step three – introduce your intention to go into a hypnotic trance / use your trigger for relaxation.  

Step four – do the change work using posthypnotic cues or suggestions.   

Sample Suggestions   The following are some samples of direct suggestion. Basically you say things in the first person, in the present tense as if they were already true.

Eating I enjoy healthy and nutritious, foods. Now I am eating smaller portions, stopping when I’m full, feeling slimmer fitter, healthier! Every time I open the fridge door I think – do I really want this or do I want to loose weight? Losing weight day by day, hour by hour.  

Exercise I love taking all the exercise my healthy, toned body needs. I am enjoyingexercising every day. Taking time to exercise, taking time for me, getting fitter and stronger, more toned. Looking forward to working out.  

Goal Accomplishment Feeling confident, feeling good, a winner, planning and meeting my goals. My life is a series of successes. Every experience is an opportunity. I can accomplish anything. Possible in the world, possible for me!  

Meaningful Life I am a unique, special person. No one was created like me. I am important and special. No one else can fulfil my purpose; my life is important and meaningful.  

Memory Remembering is now a priority for me. It is easy to remember.  

Preoperative  I enjoy an undisturbed, restful night’s sleep. Awakening in the morning with feelings of calm and the anticipation of being well taken care of. I sleep like a log and awaken feeling deeply rested.  

Procrastination I feel an overwhelming urge to complete and succeed at those things that need to be done. I feel such a sense of satisfaction as I accomplish more and more every day.  

Relaxation Sink deeper and deeper into those deeper depths. Rest very deeply. Calm and relaxed. Becoming further and further relaxed with every breath.  

Self Confidence Beginning today, and each day thereafter, I am experiencing an increasing level of confidence, courage and inner calmness that is developing and growing with each new experience. I am becoming surer of myself, more self-confident and more pleased with myself with every passing day.  

Stress Reduction From this moment on, nothing disturbs me, nothing bothers me as before  

Studying I am enjoying the learning process and find it easy to study and learn, I find it very easy to concentrate on what I are studying. Totally focused. Totally alert  

Success I am so success orientated that there is nothing and no one who can keep me away from becoming that success that I desire to be. I expect to succeed now and feel a sense of enthusiasm and confidence every day.  

Taking Examinations From now on, I approach exams calmly. I feel calm and relaxed during exams. As I enter the room in which the test is being given, the act of walking through the doorway serves as the stimulus that will awaken all the confidence and calmness inside me that I need.  

Future I have a total, complete, unwavering belief in my ability to transform myself into the person I intend to be. Every day I see things in their true perspective. Clearly and concisely. I am in control of every area of my life. For more about forming positive suggestions or affirmations see The Me I Want Be 

Step five– emerge or bring yourself out of hypnosis by counting from 1 up to 5 or by some other means. And it is easy to come out of hypnosis by counting backwards, or reversing the induction, or simply telling yourself that you will meditate for a certain amount of time. You will automatically come out if there is an emergency. Your unconscious mind will alert you if ever there is a real need to come out of a hypnotic experience.





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