E-Book Losing Weight and Feeling Great

E-Book: Losing Weight and Feeling Great

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Over my years as a therapist and trainer, I’ve helped many clients with weight and eating problems. Problems like excessive weight gain, binge eating, chocolate addiction, bulimia, and of course, emotional eating. I’ve seen folks that can’t stand the thought of eating certain foods, who suffer from lack of motivation, yoyo dieting or purging. I have even helped someone who was banana phobic – honest. You name it, I’ve heard it, so when it comes to weight loss, I know what works and what doesn’t.

This book is a culmination of that knowledge put together just as if we were having a consultation. It includes the 7 keys to success and guidance through each step and the accompanying series of hypnotic recordings – everything you need to help you face the challenges of sustaining a healthy weight for life