Practical Ways to Relax in Everyday Life

Relaxing is an important way of preserving sanity in our busy lives and learning to relax is a skill like any other, it’s helpful to have have a variety of responses at the ready. This blog I’d like to share ~

The 4 Minute Relaxation

In literally 4 minutes your whole physiology will change, so you can quickly de-stress and unwind any time any place: whether at home, in the office, while travelling or looking after the kids.

Your physiological state is under your control!

That means it is a matter of choice – YOUR choice.

Try it for yourself and see.

I hope you enjoyed that. If you would like to make the relaxation response part of your life, I recommend this recording: Learning to Relax

The thing is, you cannot even begin to know yourself properly and thus uncover the powerful resources you already possess without taking the time to relax and finding them for yourself

The relaxation response ~ mother nature’s antidote to stress!

I hope my previous blog, The Stress Response and The Relaxation Response – Two Perfect Systems already convinced you of just how brilliant that relaxation response is. if you would like to take it further, Self-hypnosis is by far the best method I know to achieve and our next seminar is right here!

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