Neuro Linguistic Programming

What IS NLP?

Neuro is short for neurology, a term that relates to how we think and how we represent experiences to ourselves through our senses.

Linguistic, is about how we use language (verbal and non-verbal) to give meaning to those experiences and how that meaning affects us.

Programming, is how we turn those representations into behaviours and strategies to achieve our outcomes.

Once we understand this we can control it. So, NLP can help you become more of who you are. In therapy, we use it to shift stuck thought patterns: obsessing over the ex – that kind of thing and it’s also brilliant for fast phobia release, fear of flying, public speaking and much more.

Vicki Rebecca is an NLP Trainer licensed with The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming although used by many therapists is not a therapy, it’s founder Dr Richard Bandler describes NLP as:

“an attitude and a methodology, which leaves behind a trail of techniques”

It is the techniques – like fast phobia cure, anchoring, swish patterning that you may notice in your session but the attitude will seem part of her personality. NLP makes the difference between an OK hypnotherapist and a great one.

Vicki with Dr Richard Bandler during her Master Practitioner Training
October 2013 in London

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