TIP 3 – Learn to move yourself and keep moving – exercise is just learning to love moving ourselves.

So what to do? Whether you are already exercising or not, you need to move yourself more. Get up frequently and shake your booty, put on your favourite music and dance, go up and down the stairs, do some housework every night. Walk the dog more. Play with the kids, the cat, the mother-in-law or somebody a whole lot more exciting in the evenings. Anything rather than sedentary activities like watching television. I strongly recommend yoga:

Yoga is first and foremost a science of self-realisation. Its concern is spiritual practice and serving the person’s spiritual evolution mainly through meditation. Yoga provides the key to all spiritual development that comprises gaining knowledge of our true nature beyond time, space, death and suffering.

Seda sirsasana in padmasana

Seda – Yoga in Turkey

-Seda Shambhavi Kervanogiu

Seda will be leading the yoga classes on our Retreat to Turkey this year.

Whatever exercise you choose, if you are physically fit, you can react better to stress, depression and indeed any of the curve balls life tends to throw.


Get fit – move your body

Regular exercise will reduce the risk of premature death by 40 percent – that means more fun, more joy, more whatever it is you want more of before you die.

Exercise is also a vital component in any weight loss regime, it can not only kick start you into weight loss but makes you feel REALLY good. Believe me as over my years as a therapist and trainer I’ve helped many clients with weight and eating problems. Problems like excessive weight gain, binge eating, chocolate addiction, bulimia, and of course, emotional eating. I’ve seen folks that can’t stand the thought of eating certain foods, suffer from lack of motivation, yoyo dieting or purging, I have even helped someone who was banana phobic – honest. You name it, I’ve heard it, so comes to weight loss, I know what works and what doesn’t and the essence of the Losing Weight and Feeling Great programmes say forget all about diet and deprivation and focus on what does work and one of the things that is MASSIVELY  good for you – BREATHING – HYDRATING – MOVING – for more Losing Weight and Feeling Great


Choose an aerobic exercise that you enjoy.

Pick the same time every day / week.

Gradually increase exercise intensity and duration.

Something is better than nothing – up to you how far you go.

Finding an exercise partner or trainer can help get you started.

Find your truth in the wisdom of your heart and give yourself what you need right now!

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