Whenever you do a breathing exercise always start on the exhalation.

This will eliminate all the carbon dioxide that may have collected in your lungs and make room for the introduction of fresh oxygen.

1. Exhale all the breath gently pushing the abdomen towards the lower back.

2. Begin inhaling while filling the abdomen like a balloon

3. Gently bring the breath upwards, allowing the rib cage to move to the side, allowing the chest to expand.

4. As you exhale slowly reverse this process, exhaling from the chest, allowing the rib cage and then the abdomen to gently go down.

The breath should always be relaxed. If your shoulders are up by your ears you are tensing! Relax, let those shoulders drop.

The Benefits

Deep abdominal breathing reverses the stress response by providing more oxygenation of the blood resulting in greater relaxation, better emotional balance and control, greater mental clarity and sharpness and greatly improved general health. In technical terms, it switches on the parasympathetic part of the involuntary nervous system (relaxation response), which allows the system to rest, relax and repair. Your lung capacity will gradually increase and so you will be able to exercise more without feeling winded.

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