Only if it brings love and joy

Despite having said in the last Spiritual Tours blog – “scrap secret santa, screw soppy sentiment and other obligatory gift plans and instead do what you really want to do and be with who you really want to be with”. I found myself lusting over Jamie’s fat filled delights while reading last Sundays papers and wondering if my parents really would be OK with a curry on Boxing day. Then I remembered that deprivation was hardly the point. Yes we have to be real but what was it Carolyn Myss said – if it doesn’t bring you love and joy – just don’t do it. Well I guess THAT is the point – if we are doing what we really want to do, are with who we really want to be with and are eating food mindfully and lovingly prepared we are going to feel good (even next day) and exude the kind of vibe that will propel us into the New Year with enthusiasm and hope.

So all you have to do is ask – what will bring you love and joy and do that. That’s it. Give yourself LOVE and JOY, you deserve it

And it’s a great time to start thinking about what you love – what you really love, what are you passionate about. If you are struggling ask yourself what you hate – you will love the opposite of that. To get the most out of the upcoming holidays just work out what you love and do that. That energy will make next year the one of your dreams. That’s what I’m going to do anyway. In fact I reckon I am going to have a go at sticking with that for the rest of my life, why not.

They say if you spend the next year doing what no-one else has done, you will have what no one else will have for the rest of your life.

I spent all of last year editing and preparing my book for publication, and since the title is “The Me I Want To Be” there was a whole load of inner work went along with that too. I’m looking forward to seeing what it brings to my life and to those I wrote it for (that’s YOU!) as it takes wings in early 2015. If you are interested pop your name on the waiting list indeed if you live near enough – book classes here.


Loosing Weight and Feeling Great with Hypnotic Gastric Band

Anyway during November I had a little hitch in the recording process and while that sorted itself out I finished up another book that has been sitting in the wings “Losing Weight and Feeling Great.”

The whole ethos is forget all about diet and deprivation and just do what IS good for you. So bearing in mind the whole Christmas issue

– what we are expected to do, what we will do and what we could do etc –

which is what I hear in various forms from my clients with weight issues, Christmas is just very good at highlighting it, I thought I would like to share part of it with you. So that even if Jamie wins over juicing, and conformity beats soul comfort you can at least do ONE new thing that will make you feel better and start setting your mind to what’s next.

Remember “the flu” regularly shows up on the 5th of January just when we are due back to work. You can decide yourself  whether that is because it’s the time when exotic sounding bugs conspire to arrive from the east or because of the recent over consumption of fats, sugars, fermented products and general lazing around – never mind all the stress that comes if you happen to be the entertainer or feel stuck with someone you really don’t care for. Ok, ok, I’m preaching, I know! But Christmas can take its toll in many ways and for the hypnotherapist that is most obvious  around the middle of every January when I get booked up til Easter with weight loss clients – so I thought I’d encourage you to be GOOD TO YOU NOW if you don’t you will not be much of a help to anyone else anyway, so here you go:


Loosing Weight and Feeling Great


7 keys to successful weight loss for life:

  1. Breathe
  2. Hydrate
  3. Eat healthier, more nutritional foods – consciously!
  4. Move
  5. Master your physiological state
  6. Becoming aware of your emotions – writing out and tuning in
  7. Rest, relax, listen to your recordings


As one long in the tooth therapist that’s basically what I have found to work and for sure none of them will do you harm, so here is No 1-


TIP 1 – Breathe: Ujjayi Breath

Ever wondered why yoga teachers have GREAT bodies????



Yoga actually means the union of movement and breath and of course we all know that the study of yoga includes the study of the breath or pranayama. However it would be less commonly known that some breathing exercises increase the metabolic rate – which of course is a bonus to the waist line.

The following exercises using ujjayi breathing were shared with me by the lovely, Seda, during the summer of 2013 in Datca.

Ujjayi breathing is a breathing technique employed in a variety of Taoist and Yoga practices. In relation to Yoga, it is sometimes called “the ocean breath”. Unlike some other forms of pranayama, the ujjayi breath is typically done in association with asana practice.

Ujjayi is a diaphragmatic breath, which first fills the lower belly (activating the first and second chakras), rises to the lower rib cage (the third and fourth chakras), and finally moves into the upper chest and throat.

Inhalation and exhalation are both done through the nose. The “ocean sound” is created by moving the glottis as air passes in and out – in other words you just pretend you are breathing through the glottis. As the throat passage is narrowed so, too, is the airway, the passage of air through which creates a “rushing” sound.ujjayi The length and speed of the breath is controlled by the diaphragm, the strengthening of which is, in part, the purpose of ujjayi. The inhalations and exhalations are equal in duration, and are controlled in a manner that causes no distress to the practitioner.

OK here we go –

Abdominal Breathing 

That is deep into the lower belly, using the ujjayi breath.

Inhale, hold for 2 seconds then exhale.

Chest breaths 

That is into the lungs, using the ujjayi breath.

Inhale, hold for 2 seconds then exhale.

jaw lockAbdominal and Chest Breaths together

Inhale, 50% of the air into the belly, hold for 2 seconds then inhale the other 50% into the lungs, exhale

Jalandhara Bandha 

Engage Jalandhara Bandha – throat lock. It is performed by dropping the head slightly so that the chin is tucked close to the sternum and the tongue pushes up against the palate in the mouth. Practice full yogic breaths – breathing into all parts, belly and lungs together.

Practice at least 10 breaths and up to 3 minutes each of the four.


Let me know how you get on – if you fancy the book and recordings that go with it – have a look – Losing Weight and Feeling Great

I will bring you a tip a week until at least the end of January when my classes start and the weekends get busy again.

You might also want to have a look at the  – Turkish Retreat – Seda and I will facilitate in September 2015 –


Time for YOU – sun, relaxation and deep nurtuting


Once gain have a wonderful holiday, love and blessings from me xxx

Naughty Nibbler to Magnificent and Manicured in one session!

I had loads of fun when Colin Armstrong of the Evening Express our local paper,  called me up asking if I would do a session with him for a series of articles on facing fears!

I expected something like fear of flying but he was frightened of hypnosis – too easy, I though – honestly I love it when clients are scared or cynical – it always seems to work deeply and strongly with them – go figure!!! Anyway I asked Colin for a “real problem” being the tease I am, also starting to lay the groundwork – and there you have my first trade secret – the session doesn’t begin when I get my pocket watch out as you may have been led to believe from the telly, but from the moment you pick up the phone – yes, you WILL change!

It turns out Colin was a habitual nail biter so we decided to go for that. He turned up with a photo journalist and we got that out of the way. The session was easy since through discussion and pre-session chats Colin and I  had already built up a natural rapport. We zapped through the usual case history and pinpointed the why, when, where and most importantly – what instead, and I’ll let Colin tell you the rest ….










Colin and I have kept in touch and he had still not bitten at my 3 week check in – well done Colin!

How you can stop too

Stopping nail biting, begins with awareness.  First take a picture of your nails and examine them. See how bad they really are and how long you have been living with this problem. How long are you prepared to live with it – is that what you want your nails to look like forever? Or would you like to find new and helpful ways to deal with anxiety and stress as well as being proud of manicured and neat nails?


Modelling using NLP: possible in the world, possible for me, it is only a matter of how

One of the presuppositions of NLP is:

Possible in the world, possible for me, it is only a matter of how

If  it is possible for someone else to do something then it is possible for you to do it. You need to find out how to do it that’s all.


From this presupposition comes the methodology known as modelling: whatever you want to be excellent at, you need to find someone who is excellent at it, and learn from them.  It’s a much faster way than trial and error.

If you want to lose weight, find someone who has lost weight and kept it off, and find out what they did.  If you want to stop smoking, find someone who stopped smoking and find out what they did.  If you want to have a successful business, find someone who built up a successful empire and find out what they did.  If you want to be a successful investor, find someone who has made millions on trading stocks, and find out what they did!

Perhaps think or 3-5 celebrities that have done / or portray what you wish to acheive and imagine they are giving you advice.

Or you could go to a really great therapist who knows how lots of people did it – SUCCESSFULLY of course!!!!