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Searing, scalding, boiling, stabbing, dull, sharp, electric, throbbing, pulsating, red, heavy, larger than the universe….


Back Pain


And if we are talking chronic pain it feels so relentless you think you’ll never get away from it. If you are a sufferer you know exactly what I am saying.

Whether you suffer because of cancer, psoriasis, frozen shoulder, complex regional pain syndrome, slipped disc, migraine, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, pain following surgery doesn’t really matter where it stems from, it is pain!

However you may be able to do more about it than you realise. Research has shown hypnosis to be significantly more effective than non hypnotic techniques for reducing  discomfort, axiety and distress during painful medical procedures compared to nonhypnotic techniques .

I was honoured very recently to give a talk at a self-management pain group here in Aberdeen. Many of them knew much more mind mastery than I ever will such was there determination to make the most of their lot and grab as much quality of life as possible.

There are two main categories of pain. Acute pain can be very intense but is only temporary and will end – like banging your elbow or knee – it passes quickly and you can bear it.

Imagine, however, what it would be like if you believed that the intense pain from that stubbed toe was never going to go away – or that it would sometimes go away and then always keep coming back, maybe even worse, for the rest of your life. You would then be experiencing ‘chronic pain’. That’s what these guys were dealing with.

mental-painObviously your psychological attitudes, beliefs, expectations and wellbeing all have direct effects on the way you experience pain. Depression, anxiety, boredom and relaxation all influence the intensity of physical pain. The mind and body influence one another and as I hope you are already learning hypnosis can be used to influence both the psychological reference to the pain and physical experience of it. But as I was saying these guys were already 10 steps ahead by the simple fact they were there. So I decided I could best serve by talking about hypnosis, self-hypnosis.

Many people think there is a difference between hypnosis guided by someone else and self-hypnosis. Experts agree, however, that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. Someone like me may help you guide or develop the trance, but you are always in control. It is your hypnosis. So we spoke about hypnosis for pain management. You see there was something I already knew something that they didn’t.

They were already experts at hypnosis

This is because anyone who has ever suffered from pain will agree that it has an uncanny way of getting your attention and you see that’s what hypnosis is all about too – shifting attention and focus.

Try it, close your eyes for a second and just become aware of where are you experiencing less comfort at the moment? How would you rate that discomfort 0-10 with 0 the best and 10 the worst? Just make a mental note of that. Let’s see if we can get a little more comfortable –

Sitting comfortably bring your shoulders up to your ears, take them around and back, allowing your arms to rotate outwards from the shoulder joints so that the palms of your hands face the ceiling as you create a space between your arms and the sides of your body …


Relaxation – learn self-hypnosis

Now let your shoulder blades slide down towards your bottom…
Lengthen the back of your neck, allow your body to sway a little to find that balance…
Now let your bottom go…
I mean it, release your anal sphincter, softening the abdominal area… bringing a heaviness to your lower body…
Close your eyes… release your jaw… your facial muscles… and focus on a point between your eyebrows…
Now breathe deep into your belly…
As you breathe deep into your belly so your body naturally relaxes…
Your whole body naturally relaxes…

Now wherever you felt yourself to be experiencing that discomfort just breathe into that area. Don’t try to change or alter anything just breathe into the area for a minute or two. Rate again and open your eyes.



You see hypnosis is excellent for producing analgesia and anaesthesia. ‘Analgesia’ is the absence of pain, whereas ‘anaesthesia’ means absence of any sensation at all. Hypnosis is used as a supplement to chemical analgesics for painful conditions such as burns, cancer, obstetrics, migraine, dental extractions and other forms of surgery. In some cases, those where the subject is highly hypnotisable, it can be the sole anaesthetic, whereas as a supplement it can be a benefit to even moderately hypnotisable subjects and clinical evidence supports that hypnosis can be helpful in reducing pain in the majority of cases


Self-Hypnosis for Pain

So I continued to walk through the Steps for Self-Hypnosis and give some basic facts about the amazing tool we refer to as the subconscious mind (and not a lot of people know that). For more on the subconscious mind. They paired up and took the metaphors used to describe their pain and used them to create their own posthypnotic cues or suggestions to slot into the self-hypnosis. For example, ‘a stabbing pain’ can be ‘cushioned’ or buffered, a ‘burning pain’ can be ‘cooled’ and the pulse of ‘a pulsating pain’ can be slowed and eventually stopped altogether. A red pain can be painted white, a large pain made smaller – “shrinking and shrinking”, and so on thereby adjusting the level of comfort. The next step is to simply tell yourself during the hypnosis that the next time you are feeling uncomfortable you will…. For more on self-hypnosis

In my opinion as you probably already realise self-hypnosis is the best thing since sliced bread – use it as self-help. It is of course not the only way hypnosis can help. A client of mine, Sally, had multiple issues due to the stresses and anxiety she faces daily which manifested physically as pain which in turn led to more stress. We handled it by working through how to deal with present moment emotions as well as letting go of issues from the past. I guided her through that. Learning how to deal with certain issues allowed Sally to control her stress levels and live quality of life free of unnecessary pain or discomfort.

For more on Hypnosis and pain – …. Coming soon….

Water: the elixir of life

Tip 2 from the 7 keys to successful weight loss for life:- HYDRATE!

Water is the elixir of life, yet few of us drink enough of it. We can live for weeks and weeks without food, but only around a week without water. Water is the basis of all life and that includes you: your muscles are 75 percent water; your blood, the body’s transportation system for nutrients, 82 percent water; your lungs, providing your body with oxygen, 90 percent water; your brain, control centre of your body, 76 percent water; even your bones are 25 percent water. You are mostly water. Your planet is mostly water. You must drink. Dehydration can be disastrous. Water is crucial to your well being.

water babies

Water: the elixer of life



You are not just what you eat; you are what you drink.

-Dr Batmanghelidj






Body Weight Target intake of water
140lbs (10 stones) 70 ounces (2 litres)
200lbs (14 stones 4lb) 100 ounces (almost 3 litres)
250lbs (17 stones 12lb) 125 ounces (3.5 litres)


Eat 70 percent water-based foods, of which 80 percent is veg and 20 percent fruit; 10 percent veg and fish proteins; 10 percent complex carbs; 10 percent oils.


If your body is over 75 percent water, it makes sense to eat at least 70 percent water-based or plant-based foods, in other words, fruit, veg, and salad – as these foods allow your body to cleanse itself. Let’s face it: if you are not cleansing your body, you are clogging it up. So to gain maximum nutrients, eat as much raw foods as you can: either uncooked, or cooked below a certain temperature, unprocessed, organic, conscious and wild! Include nuts, seeds, or sprouted whole grains. Raw may also include unpasteurized fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, or kombucha. Raw foods can be life-changing. There’s lots of choice – almonds, carrots, dates, avocados, limes, celery, cauliflower…



Get your enzymes from raw foods: eat green veg or salad every day.



  1. Breathe


    Losing Weight and Feeling Great

  2. Hydrate
  3. Eat healthier more nutritional foods – consciously!
  4. Move
  5. Master your Physiological State
  6. Becoming aware of your emotions – writing out and tuning in
  7. Rest, relax, listen to your recordings

7 keys to successful weight loss for life are taken from Losing Weight and Feeling Great


For more on Mastering the Body – THE ME I WANT TO BE – CLASSES

My deepest intention is to awaken, enlighten, and empower with
soulfully inspiring information, articles and products to positively impact
the richness and fullness of your life.

I would appreciate your comment below.


Love and Light


Naughty Nibbler to Magnificent and Manicured in one session!

I had loads of fun when Colin Armstrong of the Evening Express our local paper,  called me up asking if I would do a session with him for a series of articles on facing fears!

I expected something like fear of flying but he was frightened of hypnosis – too easy, I though – honestly I love it when clients are scared or cynical – it always seems to work deeply and strongly with them – go figure!!! Anyway I asked Colin for a “real problem” being the tease I am, also starting to lay the groundwork – and there you have my first trade secret – the session doesn’t begin when I get my pocket watch out as you may have been led to believe from the telly, but from the moment you pick up the phone – yes, you WILL change!

It turns out Colin was a habitual nail biter so we decided to go for that. He turned up with a photo journalist and we got that out of the way. The session was easy since through discussion and pre-session chats Colin and I  had already built up a natural rapport. We zapped through the usual case history and pinpointed the why, when, where and most importantly – what instead, and I’ll let Colin tell you the rest ….










Colin and I have kept in touch and he had still not bitten at my 3 week check in – well done Colin!

How you can stop too

Stopping nail biting, begins with awareness.  First take a picture of your nails and examine them. See how bad they really are and how long you have been living with this problem. How long are you prepared to live with it – is that what you want your nails to look like forever? Or would you like to find new and helpful ways to deal with anxiety and stress as well as being proud of manicured and neat nails?


Practical Ways to Relax in Everyday Life

Relaxing is an important way of preserving sanity in our busy lives and learning to relax is a skill like any other, it’s helpful to have have a variety of responses at the ready. This blog I’d like to share ~

The 4 Minute Relaxation

In literally 4 minutes your whole physiology will change, so you can quickly de-stress and unwind any time any place: whether at home, in the office, while travelling or looking after the kids.

Your physiological state is under your control!

That means it is a matter of choice – YOUR choice.

Try it for yourself and see.

I hope you enjoyed that. If you would like to make the relaxation response part of your life, I recommend this recording: Learning to Relax

The thing is, you cannot even begin to know yourself properly and thus uncover the powerful resources you already possess without taking the time to relax and finding them for yourself

The relaxation response ~ mother nature’s antidote to stress!

I hope my previous blog, The Stress Response and The Relaxation Response – Two Perfect Systems already convinced you of just how brilliant that relaxation response is. if you would like to take it further, Self-hypnosis is by far the best method I know to achieve and our next seminar is right here!