Naughty Nibbler to Magnificent and Manicured in one session!

I had loads of fun when Colin Armstrong of the Evening Express our local paper,  called me up asking if I would do a session with him for a series of articles on facing fears!

I expected something like fear of flying but he was frightened of hypnosis – too easy, I though – honestly I love it when clients are scared or cynical – it always seems to work deeply and strongly with them – go figure!!! Anyway I asked Colin for a “real problem” being the tease I am, also starting to lay the groundwork – and there you have my first trade secret – the session doesn’t begin when I get my pocket watch out as you may have been led to believe from the telly, but from the moment you pick up the phone – yes, you WILL change!

It turns out Colin was a habitual nail biter so we decided to go for that. He turned up with a photo journalist and we got that out of the way. The session was easy since through discussion and pre-session chats Colin and I  had already built up a natural rapport. We zapped through the usual case history and pinpointed the why, when, where and most importantly – what instead, and I’ll let Colin tell you the rest ….










Colin and I have kept in touch and he had still not bitten at my 3 week check in – well done Colin!

How you can stop too

Stopping nail biting, begins with awareness.  First take a picture of your nails and examine them. See how bad they really are and how long you have been living with this problem. How long are you prepared to live with it – is that what you want your nails to look like forever? Or would you like to find new and helpful ways to deal with anxiety and stress as well as being proud of manicured and neat nails?


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