You Are More Than You Know You Are

Clinical hypnosis and NLP for individuals, couples, small groups and companies in the North East of Scotland.

Vicki Rebecca - Professional Aberdeen Hypnotherapist

Be guided toward tapping into your own resources, often resources you don’t even realise you have as our years of helping people do just that have convinced us

“You are more than you know you are.”

and not only that: you already know all you need to know. So what we hope is that we can begin to show you how to unlock the potential in YOU!

Hypnotherapy Aberdeen has two comfortable clinics in Aberdeen city and one on Deeside, online sessions are also available. All the information you need regarding therapy or coaching is inside. To find out more.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis with Vicki Rebecca

flying on the condor 2006 - Copy (2)Hi, I’m Vicki Rebecca and I’ve been a trainer and therapist since 1999. I’ve been lucky enough over the years to have enjoyed a broad base of training and experience, and indirectly for many years before that.

In my work I come across as many different problems as I have clients. The problems can be as far ranging as allergies; bulimia; public speaking; bed wetting; smoking; nail biting; passing exams; studying; fear of spiders; family problems; being unhappily single; relationship problems; sexual; pain; hair pulling….

which are often related to, or worsened by anxiety, depression, weight problems, and stress.

I’ve helped many people overcome all these things and more.

How Long, How Much & Where?

Aberdeen hypnotherapistHypnotherapy Aberdeen offer an affordable service available at any one of several locations across Aberdeenshire.

Everyone’s situation is different, so the best thing to do is get in touch. I’m happy to give you friendly advice (Even if you don’t become a client!).


Why Use Me?

I would say my style is informal, gentle, at times humorous and at others quite direct. I believe this combination has made for the successful practice I enjoy.

If you’re currently facing challenges in your life, then it’s more than likely I can help you.

All the best,

Vicki Rebecca
Hypnotherapy Aberdeen


My Approach

It doesn’t really matter what the presenting problem or symptom is, our session will be specific to your situation and I will work with you to dramatically improve your mind set, overcome whatever is holding you back and gain more control over your life, help you to get through life changes and challenges and to be all you can be!


Create the Life You Deserve

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